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Fix zippo

Supposably, you was zippo. Served it to you faithfully enough long. Here unexpectedly bam - and it fails. How to Apply? Actually, about this I you and tell in current article.
It is quite possible my advice you seem unusual, but first sense ask himself: whether it is necessary general fix out of service zippo? may more rational will purchase new? I personally think, sense ask, how money is a new zippo. it learn, possible just make appropriate inquiry yandex.
First has meaning find master by repair zippo. This can be done using rambler or google. If price repair would feasible - believe task solved. Otherwise - in this case will be forced to solve this question own.
So, if you still decided own hands practice repair, then first necessary grab info how perform repair zippo. For this purpose one may use mail.ru.
Hope you do not vain spent time and this article least something help you solve task.